Reliv Independent Distributor
 Building Healthy Bodies, Families & Futures
As a parent, I wanted to give my son every opportunity to learn, explore, grow and develop character and talent that would have a positive impact on others. When he reached Jr. High age, he wanted to be involved in sports, music and martial arts. But even in a two income household, these activities became difficult to support financially. I began looking for ways to supplement my income. That search brought me to Reliv. Their generous compensation plan allowed me to earn money by showing others how to improve their health and their finances.
Upon launching my Reliv business, I began consuming the product. I had no particular expectations, but heard so many success stories, I was hoping for help with my own health issues. Reliv ended my 3 year search for a solution to my foot discomfort and joint fusion. A head on collision severely damaged my right foot. Multiple surgeries left me with achy joints and limited mobility. I had no luck with topical solutions or joint juices and wanted no part of medications with harmful side effects. In less than two months on Reliv, my discomfort started to subside. Over time, the joints became flexible again and I was able to return to all my favorite activities. I went on to experience a 30 pt drop in my LDL, an improvement in digestion and energy all day long. I am particularly excited about the epigenetic value of Reliv. I have no signs of my dad's heart disease or my mom's crippling joint pain. 
Working my business very part time, I was able to continue supporting my son's activities allowing him to earn two black belts and travel with the H.S. orchestra to Orlando, New York City and Hollywood, CA. Now my Reliv income is helping with college costs and more. 
I feel privileged to be part of a company whose mission is to build healthier bodies, families and futures, and to share those possibilities with anyone who wants the best that life has to offer.